Why sunscreen is a skincare essential
Our skin on a daily basis deals with harmful pollutants, dust and layers of makeup. While we follow various skin care regimes and beauty routines, more often than not we forget the most basic skincare essential, sunscreen. We usually apply sunscreen during summers and not during other seasons, however, we need to protect the skin from the sun & its harmful effects in other seasons too!

According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, 80% of the sun's UV rays can pass through clouds. So even if you're out on a cloudy day, or enjoying a winter vacation, you need the sunscreen with the right sun protection factor (SPF) to take adequate care of your skin.

While the most obvious benefit of sunscreen is that it protects your skin from damage caused by UV rays, it also has a host of other benefits. Regular application of sunscreen helps lower the risk of skin cancer, prevent obvious signs of premature ageing, and avoid sunburn. Most of the sunscreens double up as moisturisers and keep your skin nourished throughout the day.

When it comes to buying sunscreen it is essential that one keep the type of skin they have in mind. One needs to choose a sunblock and SPF that suits your skin type. SPF is determined by the impact of the sun on the skin. So if one has sensitive skin or is prone to pigmentation, breakouts and sunburn, one should opt for a higher SPF. If one is opting for a nice, even tan, use sunscreen with a lower SPF. Consult your dermatologist and seek recommendations from skin care experts before zeroing in on what works for you.

Either way, do not forget to slather some sunscreen before you step out in the sun!