Seven food items that can stain teeth
Proper oral hygiene is the only way to a beautiful smile, but don’t neglect certain food items that can cause teeth stains.

Orthodontists have shared a list of food items that can change the colour of teeth for worse.

Coffee: It might be helping you to stay up, but the acid polyphenol in it is staining your teeth.

Tea: Tea stains are worse than the coffee stains. All types of tea - black, green or white tea, stain the teeth.

Wine: White wine has an acid content that tends to increase the risk of dark dental stains.

Beverages: They are refreshing, but the acidic nature of that fizzy drink is eroding your enamel and also the bright smile.

Curry: Again, amazing for tastebuds, but bad for teeth.

Balsamic vinegar: It is used for salads, but it has also a negative aspect. Its dark natural colour sticks to teeth.

Berries: The anti-oxidant property gets a thumbs up. The same can’t be said about its dark hue that affect teeth.