Is Deepika Padukone hogging away limelight?
Among other things, Kangana Ranaut has always been deemed one to 'hog limelight' especially just before a movie's release.

The actress is one who has always managed to garner more attention than her co-stars before an upcoming movie's release and now rumour has it that Deepika Padukone too might be going that way.

Deepika, who has 'Padmavati' releasing soon appears to be hogging quite a bit of limelight, keeping co-stars Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh well at bay.

Other than the actress constantly being in the news for her fashion choices and latest news being her big Bollywood bash that she threw at her Worli residence, Deepika has also been in the news regarding her pay for the upcoming film.

There is talk that she has been offered a higher amount of pay compared to her two male co-stars.

Something very similar like this was done by Kangana too before the release of her 'Rangoon' trailer earlier this year. Is there something similar going on between these two queens of Bolly? What are your thoughts on the matter?