Enjoying education delivers best results
Rabindranath Tagore said: “Education without pleasure is no education at all”. His words are still significant and will probably be so for ever.

Pleasure in studies is crucial and helpful for success in life. It helps to understand the issues, to remember study materials better, to make students familiar with applications of what they have learned in real life. 

Reading with pleasure helps one get rid of boredom. It helps one to get a deeper understanding of the topics which is never possible if an issue is studied with pain. When read without pleasure, students usually read any piece mechanically and it is highly likely they will only have superficial meaning of it after they have finished reading.  

Reading with pleasure helps learners to remember necessary parts of their lessons. Obviously, if students cannot remember anything, their efforts of studying will go in vain. If a piece is read joyfully, a student also remembers in which environment he or she learned that. Also, he or she can experience the excitement that he first got while remembering any piece. Remember, learning of ‘theorem’ in geometry during or secondary school days. Whenever you revise those at your mature age, you also get some kind of feeing of your childhood, if this is not true, you still feel like you have got back to your childhood days and can get some enjoyment.  

Reading with pleasure helps to make students familiar with its applications in real life. After grasping anything, you also try to visualise its implications, where you can apply your knowledge. This even helps you remember anything better.  

To make reading a  pleasure, teachers can arrange quizzes, debate and speech competitions on the topics of learning for the students. Unfortunately these modes of learning are rare in educational institutions and only limited to a  limited number of urban and rural schools in the country.

Students can form associations to make their study habit pleasant. It has been seen that many students do not feel comfortable to study alone. They can often sit in groups and can study with fellow members. They can read their texts in a relaxed mood and can find enjoyment very easily. 

Learning with pleasure makes students interested in developing a life-long study habit. They become winner in the long term. Even when they are in professional life, they will have the same habit of studying with pleasure and they will surely be successful.