US tightens sanctions against Cuba
The US government announced new restrictions against Cuba on Wednesday, tightening sanctions as part of president Donald Trump’s pledge to roll back his Democratic predecessor’s move toward warmer ties with Havana.

The changes, which take effect on Thursday, are aimed at preventing US trade and travellers from benefiting its military, intelligences and security arms of the Communist-ruled country, the US Treasury Department said in a statement.

They will expand the list of Cuban government officials barred from transactions as well as set policy to deny exports to prohibited Cuban entities, Treasury said.

But the administration said it would still allow commercial transactions and most travel arrangements that have already been made before the changes to continue.

And while US travellers will still be able to make authorised trips to Cuba, they will have to use a US-based organisation and be accompanied by a US representative of the group, Treasury said.

The move comes after Trump in June ordered tighter restrictions against Cuba even as he left in place many of the changes former president Barack Obama made as part of his 2014 diplomatic breakthrough between the two former Cold War foes.