Google Maps tracks Dhaka traffic
Google has activated a very essential feature in Google Maps. From Friday it is showing real time traffic of Dhaka.

The feature is not new, but Bangladesh got the facility from yesterday. Last February the authorities announced their progress with the real time traffic feature in different countries.

This feature provides information about the actual traffic condition. The colour of the map will change according to the condition of traffic congestion. Red indicates traffic jam and a deep red indicates traffic gridlock.

Once the ‘traffic’ option from the Google Maps menu is activated, green, yellow, orange, or red lines are shown on the routes. The user will be notified time to time on the running vehicles while the feature is activated.

The service is not yet available for lanes and by-lanes as yet.

Locations such as residences, offices and regularly visited places can be entered in order to to get regular traffic updates. Cautions also appear for unexpected traffic jams.