4 held for using proxy in JU admission test
Jahangirnagar University (JU) authorities on Sunday caught four admission seekers for hiring proxies to sit their exams and securing the top merit list in the entry test for the 2017-18 academic sessions.

The university authorities found out when they checked the hand writings of the examinees as per law during viva-voce, and their handwriting failed to match those in the answer scripts submitted in their name in the written test.

The detainees were identified as Mahbub Hossaain of Bagura, Ashikul Hasa Rabin of Kushtia, Emam Hossain of Mymensingh and Amit Hasan of Dhaka districts.

Emam Hossain secured 3rd position and Ashikul Hasa Rabin secured 16th position respectively in the merit list of Law and Justice faculty while Amit Hasan secured 11th position in the merit list of Institute of Information Technology and Mahbub Hossaain secured 3rd position in the merit list of Business Studies faculty.

Although Ashikul Hasa Rabin denied the allegation, three others confessed to Tapan Kumar Saha, proctor of the university, that they did indeed hire proxies to sit the examination in their place.

They also gave a written confessional statement to the proctor.
In his statement said Amit said he contracted with Sonet for a payment of Tk 6 lakh, a student attached with Sir A F Rahman Hall of Dhaka University, to arrange proxy for him. The other two also admitted paying between Tk 3-6 lakh for proxies to sit their exam.

Proctor Tapan Kumar Saha said, "After interrogation, we confirmed that they secured the position in different units by using proxies and we handed over them to Ashulia police station."

A case was filed at the Ashulia Police Station in this connection.-UNB