Katrina's difficulty starring in a biopic
Biopics are currently on a roll in Bollywood. The industry is churning out one biopic after the other and while so, the actors are leaving no stone unturned to bag and star in one.

Katrina Kaif, we hear, too is no exception to this. The ‘Jagga Jasoos’ actress is reportedly very keen on starring in a biopic. A couple of producers also have apparently been toying with the idea of casting her in the biopic they are making.

However, what is acting as a roadblock in Katrina’s case is reportedly the fact that she does not belong to the Indian origin. According to reports, the makers are unable to get her to play someone whose story is worth telling in a biopic from the Indian origin. Unless someone does a film on an international celebrity who has her roots in the UK, we might reportedly not see Katrina in a biopic.

Bollywood actors are worshipped in India. The relationship that they share with their fans is very unique. For the fans, just an autograph, a picture or a sweet reply on social media is enough to make their day. However sometimes when celebs do not oblige to their simplest of requests, they are left heart-broken, questioning their love for them.

In a similar incident, Katrina Kaif was recently spotted with Salman Khan at the airport. A fan present at the airport reportedly requested for an autograph from both the actors. While Salman Khan humbly adhered to his request, Katrina Kaif was seen reportedly walking away past him, paying no heed to his call.

While this reportedly left the onlookers in utter shock, the spokesperson of the actress rubbished all such reports. Her spokesperson said, “The report is entirely untrue. Katrina has always obliged her fans and is grateful for all the love they show.”