Kaspersky’s ‘Safe Kids’ in Bangladesh
Cybersecurity and anti-virus provider Kaspersky Lab has introduced ‘Safe Kids’, a security tool to monitor children’s communications as well as keeping a watch over incoming and outgoing calls and texts on their Android phones and tablets and public Facebook activities, in Bangladesh.

The Moscow-based multinational cybersecurity provider’s marketing office in Bangladesh, Office Extracts, made an announcement in this connection at a press conference on Wednesday.

Kaspersky has brought the tool, thinking about its social responsibility and the demand of this type of new services in the country, said Office Extract chief executive officer Prabir Sarker.

Parents had recently been worried about the negative effect of the online-based Blue Whale Game. Guardians are in a constant fear about the attention-grabbing digital lifestyle of modern kids. Kaspersky’s ‘Safe Kids’ will provide safety to these children on internet, he added.

Prabir Sarker also said nowadays internet is a part and parcel of social life and educational process. Both good and bad contents are available on it. Snapping the internet connection is not the solution to save kids from its negative effect. Awareness and full security can provide safety to them.

Guardians can control the device, sites and time to be active on internet using Safe Kids. Besides, it has real time tracking, android call and SMS tracking benefits.