Alia credits jokes for her international fame
Alia Bhatt may have moved on from the blooper she made during her infamous 'Koffee With Karan' episode but the world is still not ready to let go of it.

Present at the International Film Festival of India, the petite star was asked about if she has learned to take her lows sportingly and pat came her reply saying, "There are people all over the world who know me only because of this debacle."

She went on to share an anecdote of her overseas travels. "I was at Singapore Airport and the staff there said they know me. I thought maybe they’d seen one of my films but they said they really like my jokes. I guess at the end of the day, I’m just glad that I made someone happy," she quipped.

24-year-old actress Alia Bhatt has carved a unique space for herself in Bollywood within five years of her debut. She is a young star that doesn’t mince her words when the need arises. Here are some interesting statements by Alia Bhatt.

Before the release of ‘Udta Punjab’, Alia addressed the criticism that comes her way along with the praises. In an interview with Bombay Times, she said, I believe that with positive there has to be negative.

If there is no negative, then it's very boring and that means that you're a boring person. If everybody likes you it means that you are super boring. There has to be somebody who does not like you. I am very happy that there are people who don't like me.

I am even happier when I convert the dislikes to likes. Well, when it comes to my work, I don't get defensive about criticism that comes my way. If it is something that will hurt me then it will hurt me, but I won't get defensive about it. I'll never say that you're wrong; I'll say' okay I have messed up. Of course, I will sulk for 15 minutes, but then I will be up and about again.”

When Alia was asked for her views on intolerance, she made a sharp, intelligent and mature statement to say the least. Alia was asked why she evades talking about political and sensitive issues, especially celebrities talking about 'growing intolerance', she said she doesn't find it important to give her opinion on every topic although she is very well abreast about what's happening in the society.

"It is a hyper-opinionated time even about these opinions, so I am not doing anybody any harm by giving one less opinion. Why should I crowd the world with my opinions? Live and let live. That’s it. Let people have their own opinions and you just keep yours to yourself.

There are too many opinions — some unnecessary, some great, some ridiculously stupid so I think I rather not say anything and keep my opinions to myself. I have an opinion, I know what my thoughts are but I keep them to myself," she stated matter-of-factly.