Khaleda wants participatory polls
BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia on Saturday night said her party wants the next election to be held under a non-party neutral government so that all political parties can join it.

"We want multiparty democracy to be restored in the country and the next election to be held in a free and fair manner with the participation of all parties. But the election must be held under a neutral administration. Or else, it won't be possible to hold an impartial election," she said.

The BNP chairperson came up with the remarks while exchanging greetings with the Christian community on the occasion of the Christmas Day.
Bangladesh Christian Association arranged the program at the BNP chairperson's Gulshan office.

Khaleda alleged that the government is again trying to hold a January-5-like unilateral election to hang onto power.

She also came down hard on the government for what she said its repressive acts to weaken BNP.

Khaleda voiced concern over the growing abuse of drugs by the young generation.

"The ruling party men are involved in drug trading. And they're working to destroy the young generation with it. Many of them were arrested but they have not been punished," she said.