IU waiting lists viva voce begins Jan 10
The viva-voce for the first year honours courses waiting lists' candidates under 2017-18 academic session of Islamic University (IU) in Kushtia will start on January 10.

The vacant seats would be filled up by the admission seekers who are on waiting lists, sources at IU registrar office said on Wednesday.

IU acting registrar SM Abdul Latif said that a total of 706 seats out of 2,275 are still vacant at 33 departments of the university.

A total of 14 seats are still remained vacant at 'A' unit while 231 seats at 'B' unit, 109 seats at 'C' unit, 73 seats at 'D' unit, 39 seats at 'E' unit, 39 seats at 'F' unit, 99 seats at 'G' unit and 95 seats at 'H' unit, he added.

More information about the waiting lists' viva-voce procedure is available on the university website - www.iu.ac.bd.