Banglalink to probe SIM malpractice allegation
Banglalink in a press release said it ‘is aware of the reports about actions taken by certain authorities against MR Communications distributor due to concerns over alleged improper registration of SIM cards, which may include those issued by Banglalink.’

‘Banglalink is deeply concerned by the allegations and once officially informed of the matter will work with the authorities to secure a full understanding of the situation and to take any necessary steps. Banglalink is not aware of any impropriety and is absolutely committed to full compliance with regulations concerning customer verification’, the press release continued.

Banglalink also claimed it ‘has suspended its relationship with MR Communications distributor and will take measure based on inquiry’.

‘Banglalink is a fully compliant company, committed to enforcing and upholding the highest standards. Banglalink expects all its suppliers and partners to meet the same standards and has zero tolerance for any failure to do so,’ said Chief Executive Officer of Banglalink Erik Aas.

‘Banglalink is fully behind the biometric verification exercise and has actively supported this important project from the very beginning.’